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MIMO is an app where you can learn coding easily for free. It is one of the best learning apps we have in play store. You can learn this Go Programming language which is developed by Google using MIMO app; it is an open source programming language.and you can check what are the free programming apps by clicking here.

Not only, Go Programming language, but also several coding languages and tutorials will be available on the free Android App. You can install it, and you can give it a try.

Go is a procedural programming language developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007 but launched in 2009.

What is Go Language (G-Language)

Go google programming language

The Go Programming language is an open source programming language, as the names say you can suggest the edits and you can help the Google to fix bugs with your contribution. To run the Go Programming on your PCs or Laptops, you need to install two software’s called Text Editor and Compiler.

With the Text editor, you can write the source code using the platform. In recent days, the new rise of this programming language driving the programmers go crazy about it. Every programmer waits for the new program to hit the World.

What Open Source Programming language does?

The programming language is created by Google, and you can contribute your work to it by creating proposals, suggesting edits, fixing bugs and making it faster. If you are curious and interested then, its source code is hosted on GitHub.

The reason why people can switch to the language is, Fast languages like C, are challenging to work and not safe to stay. Java becomes too complicated to write, and Ruby is not designed for speed in mind even it is joyful to work with the Ruby.

C language complies very quickly however the word itself has not been designed to complain very fast. SO, Programmers can misuse this language to create slow compiling programs intentionally.

In Go, it’s been designed for fast compilation in Mind from the beginning, So, it’s harder for Go Programming language to create slow compiling programs as compared to other languages like C or C++.

Hardware programmers are adding more and more processors to the cores to increase the performance levels. All the modern programming languages like Java and Python are from the 90’s modern programming threading.

Most of the languages support multi threading, but the real problem is with the current execution and  threading-blocking.

Go Language code

The code written in the Go Programming language is secure and should easy to execute. Google has thousands of developers, and it should keep easy to understand. As it is the open source language platform so people should easily understand and can easily contribute it.

Go code doesn’t have the complex code like other programming languages and has easy Syntax. Go code has the following features like No classes and does not support inheritance. Everything is divided into packages only in the Language and Go only structures instated of classes.

And it does not support inheritance that will make code easy to modify. In other languages like Java/Python. These changes in the Go Programming language make it different from the other languages. The best thing about the Google is it is backed up by the Google.

Google designed the Go Programming language, and Google has one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world it has scaled massively. Go is developed by Google to solve their problems of supporting scalability and effectiveness.

Those are the same issues you will face while creating your servers. And also the big companies like Adobe, BBC, IBM, Intel and Even Medium.

This Go programming language complies the low level and simple languages like C and C++. It complies both the natural and sophisticated language to make even the better change. Go Programming language is powerful and can handle the beast performance like Java and Python.

Applications developed in Go Language

Here are some of the popular applications develop by using the Google Go programming language. The list,

Docker: A set of tools for improving the Linux containers.

Openshit: Open shift is a cloud computing platform as a service by Red Hat.

DropBox: The Dropbox migrated some of their critical components from Python to Go programming language.

Golang: The language is written itself in the Go.

Features of Go Language

The designers and the developers of the Go language made this language as simple as they can to understand by anyone easily. It’s just like the ‘Do More with the Less’.

The package management, it merges modern day developer workflow of working with Open source projects and includes that in the way it manages external packages.

And Go has the powerful library, which is distributed as the package library. Go supports the static typing, so was in this compiler it just not work on compiling and code successfully but also ensures on type conversions and compatibility.

And it also provides the unit testing features by itself, i.e. a simple mechanism to write the unit test parallel with your code. Go language is just like Java language as it supports platform independence.

Advantages of Go

The easiest and the most straightforward programming language has some good points to be noted over the other languages.

  • The language is Flexible, simple and easy to read.
  • It allows multiple processes are running simultaneously and effectively.
  •  The execution is speedy. It is a crucial feature of go.
  •  Go excels in giving a lot of control over memory allocation and has dramatically reduced in the most recent versions.

Disadvantages of Go

  • It has no support for generics, even if there are many discussion regarding a single problem/issue.
  •  Go programming language is not so object-oriented in the common point also it is distributed in useful.
  • The UI toolkit is missing from the language.

This is the simple overview of the Go Programming language which is developed by Google to make it easy for everyone. The code and the execution are also straightforward by this complex turned simple Language.

How to learn Go Language

You can easily lean this Google developed programming language by using the popular app MIMO. MIMO is one of the best apps to learn coding and programming easily.

The app provides test and tutorials to increase the level of your capability and to develop the coding by learning most easily.

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