What Happens If the WhatsApp Servers went down for a day

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What happens if Whatsapp servers down a day? The most interesting and the broad question anyone can ask. WhatsApp is the one of the largest message sharing platforms in the World.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp for 19$ Billion, expecting the profits Facebook can generate. While the Facebook is making their way to loss, WhatsApp sets a new record by hitting 1.5 Billion users and 60 billion messages sent per day in Q1 2018.

Mark Zuckerberg announced WhatsApp’s daily active users and also in India WhatsApp has 200 Million users.

Facebook-owned platform Instagram is the most famous story sharing platform followed by WhatsApp.

The impact of multimedia or message platforms is driving people crazy. If the internet is down for a day, then people go crazy. People are giving importance to message applications than direct call or message.

WhatsApp already faced server down issues everywhere and for half hour people couldn’t access the platform. A single day is equal to the transfer of 60 billion messages in a single day.

The app deserves to stand on the top position when it comes to text sharing or media transferring platforms.

The location sharing services, video calling, audio calling, business accounts will only increase the reputation of the app, and people expect the same with the new updates.

The new group video calling feature will allow you to make group calls for the maximum of 4 people at a time by adding them in the video call.

What If WhatsApp Down A Day?

whatsapp server down  statatics

On the current basis, WhatsApp is used not only for chatting but also for the official text sharing. WhatsApp also launched the group video calling feature which can be used for the formal meetings.

The new WhatsApp video call feature can replace the Skype video call when it comes to interviewing. The best thing and the latest one which has the positive response from the users are ‘WhatsApp Business account’.

The WhatsApp business account used for pay and receive the money which is the useful feature for business people.

WhatsApp business is a serious business feature which can only useful for customers and can only be used by Merchants.

This is how WhatsApp is making people crazy and taking their business to the next level. There are millions of people who make the business deal through this giant app.

But do you think?

Is really WhatsApp can change our day when it gets the server down issues for a day?

Yes, probably the App can change the day when WhatsApp went down for a day. A large number of people who use WhatsApp may face serious issues.

People who use WhatsApp for texting may not face this issues as serious, but the people who use WhatsApp business account may face unconditional loss.

On the other hand, an hour down of WhatsApp may cause an advantage for the other telecom apps which can negatively impact WhatsApp.

For example, “WhatsApp went down” for 30 minutes in the past, and the day it went down, Telegram hits the maximum installations ever than before.

twitter post about server down causing problem

The stats which shows the installations of Telegram can prove that how people are impatient and can change their way of communication immediately. People don’t want to wait for the recovery of the issues. Instead, they go for the best and better option.

That’s how other telecom operators can take advantage of WhatsApp server down issue. The 60 billion texts will not transfer for a day if the WhatsApp is down for a day.

When the WhatsApp went down for real, people went crazy and started re-installing the app and restarting the phone. The reason why people do this is, WhatsApp never explained the server down an issue, and people thought it’s their phone problem.

WhatsApp users didn’t know what went wrong unfortunately and WhatsApp failed to explain the reason, and they just notified on the app. WhatsApp is not just a texting app; it is beyond that.

WhatsApp is one of the insane tools which affects the society and can be used for official purpose. WhatsApp used their platform for the server down issues and noticed them for the problem by explaining ‘Internal issue’.

It is true that WhatsApp is hiding the truth of their website down the issue and it may feel unfaithful in WhatsApp move on.

The Truth

When we talk about the regular people, who use WhatsApp for communication purpose many not affect badly. Because there are a lot of alternatives to the message platform.

The new social media platforms or communication apps will take the right time into the profits ones. Hike Messenger, Telegram, Line and We chat. Apps will make the benefit of a downtime issue.

If Google went down for a day, then Bing or Yahoo will take the step to continue browsing, and if WhatsApp went down for a day, then Hike and other message platforms will take the step to keep texting.

Even Google went down for 2 Minutes, people went crazy, and they lost control to access Drive, Gmail, and other services. It is a big deal and 40% Internet users backed down in the time.

That was the huge margin, and that was the crazy drop down of internet users for 2 to 5 Minutes.

For the people who use WhatsApp, the business account may face some issues when they want to communicate with the customers or the clients. People fail to find a new way for the sudden problem, and they start complaining WhatsApp.

Not only WhatsApp, but every giant app or website will face the same problem of looking for alternatives cause. WhatsApp would face the own losses than the users if it stopped working for a single day.

This will cause the servers to the pressure, and people will lose the control of the apps and they switch, or they troll on social media.

People couldn’t affect badly until they entirely depend on these social media platforms when they share the information using these big apps.

Users may affect or may not be, but the WhatsApp will affect badly when they shut down. Even a single minute of loss may change badly on people and on the WhatsApp too.

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