Top 5 Best Pre-Workout Meals to Boost up your energy


Being fit is too harder than before nowadays. The changing lifestyle is affecting badly on health, and people are suffering from the problem. There are some pre-workout foods to take and make your body fit with high protein meals. These foods or meals will help you to make you more active before any work out session.

Many people work out with the empty stomach which is not bad but taking some food before the workout will keep your body more engage. It will work as the fuel to the vehicle before any work.

If you failed to nutrient your body during the workout sessions, then you won’t get the results as expected. There are some benefits if you take pre-foods before workout and they are, it will increase your energy.

Usually, Body stores carbohydrates which can be converted into ATP faster than protein and fat. It will prevent muscle catabolism, during workouts, our body will look for glycogen, and when it’s finished, it will look for a new source of energy. This will prevent muscle growth, and pre-workout food will prevent this.


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Banana is the full source of natural sugars, carbohydrates and potassium. Taking banana 30 minutes before a workout will make you more energetic to perform the best. Usually, the banana carbohydrates will stay for less time in our body.

So, banana would be the best pre-workout food. Eating banana will boost up your glycogen in your body. This will also increase the sugar levels of the body which will give you hydrated throughout the workout. It is essential to take the food which is high in carbohydrates and moderate in protein and fat before the workout.

According to the experts, bananas are the best pre-workout foods which will increase muscle level throughout the workout. Banana will slowly release the glycogen in your bloodstream. The easy way to get ready for the workout just after wake up is Bananas.

You can quickly get bananas anywhere, and you can have them before the workout. Eating a Banana daily even if you go Gym or not will keep your health and Sugar levels stable.


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Oatmeal is a whole grain, which means it will keep your blood sugar stable during the workout. Eating a cup of oatmeal an hour before the workout will keep your body nutrient. Especially, when it comes to the burning calories, Oats will give you the energy to your body.

With the Oatmeal, if you add blueberries or any other type of fruit will engage the carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates before any workout is essential. Oatmeal will provide the Glycogen that improves your stamina.

One of the easy and simple pre-workout meals is Oatmeal. Oats are one of the best protein foods which have the high protein levels and taking protein with the combination of carbohydrates will increase the sugar levels of body, and you can easily make this meal before the workout.

Brown Rice with Chicken

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Well, most of the people who want to fit their body cannot join Gym in the morning because of College or Work. Those people like to work out in the evenings where they need to have more energy. Eating a Medium size Bowl of Rice with the two pieces chicken will boost your stamina before any work-out.

The rice will slowly increase the carbohydrates and glycogen levels in the body and Chicken will contain proteins. The combination of Carbohydrates and Proteins will be the better pre-workout snacks.

When it comes to evening, this would be the best choice. You would require 200 to 3000 grams of calories, and you can eat one-medium bowl size of Rice. For the people who are vegetarian can take Dal or any lite curry type with the Rice. You can even have Curd with the Rice which will be the best choice for Vegetarians.


workout snacks yogurt

If you are getting ready for the long workout then having Yogurt would be the best choice. It will give you the little energy to your body before the workout. Yogurt has the mixed combination of Carbohydrates and Proteins.

You can add any fruit with the Yogurt for even the better results. The nut or the dry fruit with the little filters if possible. The healthy sugars from the dried fruits will boost up the energy while seeds and nuts will keep insulin levels from the mid-workout. Seeds and nuts are high in fat, which means they take longer to digest.

If you are in the plan for the long-run, then you can have the Yogurt for better results, and this will keep increasing your body glycogen for the workout session.


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To make your Fitness routine, you’ve got to fuel your body, but many quick snacks and soft drinks will not be suitable as you think. You have to take some strength packed, and vitamin-packed smoothies before the workout.

‘The Pro Athlete’ smoothie, Arugula and beetroot are naturally high in dietary nitrates. This will help in low blood pressure and also reduce the amount of Oxygen needed during sports. Flax and china seeds are a healthy way to get a dose of fiber and Protein.

The fiber in your body will start burning once you stated exercise. The almond butter provides a protein kick so you can remain energetic during the workout session. Kiwi smoothie is another best pre-workout drink to have which benefits lung function, and a single fruit contains nearly 100% of Vitamin C and RDA.

You can prepare this smoothie with your own by taking Kiwi and tender kale leaves. You can easily blend all ingredients by adding apple, Kiwi pieces, ginger and water. You can take this smoothie before 10 to 30 minutes of your workout. This will highly be recommended for the people who need simple and easy pre workout food.

There are the Top 5 simple and best Pre-workout foods we can have. You need to immunize and boost your body before the workout session. The small of amount of energy will give you more time to spend in working out. These foods will keep your sugar levels in stable condition, even after the heavy workout, you won’t feel dizzy or dehydrated.

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