Fitness apps to make you Fit without Gym

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Smartphones have become the most crucial part of our, and we love the change. Now, smartphones are tracking our health too from heartbeat to fitness. We have some best free fitness apps which track our health and help us to stay fit.

The sleep tracking apps will remind to sleep and the water suggesting apps will tell when to drink. People look for the best ways to keep their health under control.

Smartphones help us to lose weight, to grow height, to grow weight, to exercise. With these tasks, smartphones will push us to make the healthier lifestyle.

The apps also contain daily routine, sleeping habits, food intake, and water level consumption suggestions. The training routines will wake you up at Mornings and reminds you what you have to do. You don’t need a second person to keep an eye on what you are doing, because your smartphone is already doing that.

You need a smartphone and a desire to make your body fit. We have so many fitness apps in Play store and in online. Out of all the apps, don’t get confused because we are going to choose and recommend the best fitness apps for you.

Cure.Fit Fitness Apps

The app has good reviews from the users, and you may try this app. The app is new to the Play store, but it is already showing its power to make the brand in the Play-store. You may get the app details on the Play store. It is going to reach 1 Million downloads soon as the app is new. However, the app is getting massive traffic from the users.

The app is not only for fitness, but the app also has Food delivery option and Online consulting health services. You can contact the Doctor from the app, the app registered in various categories. You can even get medical & lifestyle care hassle-free. is the destination for fitness and the best thing about the app is, group workouts made easy with this app, and the app is present in 50 centres across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Gurgaon.

The specializations you are looking for workouts are Zumba, Yoga, Football, Boxing, Strength, HRX, and Running. The app also has some extra features and services like which deals with physical and mental health being. Another one is eating .fit brings healthy and tasty meals.

You can try this app for sure, and you will love that. We can say this is one of the natural and best free fitness apps we have in the Play Store.

Freeletics Bodyweight

freeletcs screen shot and free Fitness apps
freeletics Bodyweight

One of the highest rated and highest downloaded android fitness app. The app gives the most effective fitness training program, adapted to the schedule (of-course every app does), and you can set the goals and increase your fitness level.

Whatever you have in your mind to use this app whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or get in better shape. Based on Bodyweight and age, the app will tell you how long you should exercise. This is the best thing an app can do because the workout time varies for the people who have different body and different body weights.

That’s why you have to choose the best time and the duration to start your workouts and to make your body fit. You don’t need any external equipment to build your body; you need some exercise and healthy food to make your body in shape.

The app has over 900 workout variations covering all your muscle groups for fast progression. The community has 20 million users who believe that this app is going to change them for sure.

The app has both a free and paid version where you can unlock the full features. You can also choose the best time and special hours to work out every week.

Keep Trainer

keep trainer best Fitness Apps
Keep trainer

The highest rated app on Play Store with maximum feedback. This app is one of the best free fitness apps which is easy to use. This No equipment not only keeps you fit but also a data-saving for users. The app has the bigger list of 400+ exercise.

Now, you don’t have to worry about how to lose body fat, because this app will guide you to that yourself. You can find the fat burning & weight loss and muscle gaming exercise.

The app has Abs workout, strength training, slimming and muscle focused workouts. The app is free, and you can see 400+ free exercises and 100+ drills designed by the experts.

The best thing about the app is, we can find so many experts in a single app for free of cost. The app has video guides where experts will guide you through the Videos. The detailed description, animations, and professional video lectures are the highlights of the app.

The personalized training plans will keep your daily routine in tracks, and home workouts made easy. Just download and install the app for fitness training and enjoy every guide the experts give.

No matter you are a beginner or athletic, you can find the workouts that are best for you. The app provides different levels of exercises for beginners and Pros workout sessions.

Home workouts can help you to build muscles and stay fit at home without any equipment and without going to the gym. The apps have a huge craze, and you can try these apps for free to make your body fit. The app has excellent animations to show visual experience on how to exercise.

These apps are not in the particular Order, and you can try any of these apps for free and make your body fit. You don’t need any high equipment set up to workouts and to reduce your fat. Because these apps will help us to reduce our bad body fat so that we can be fit and can walk on the road with confidence. Before trying any of the apps, start with the day 1 and wait for 21 days to notice the change and then you can continue.