Crack Any Competitive Exams with these Brilliant tips

Crack any exams

“How to crack IIT,” the most rascal question from students on the internet. IIT and NEET are considered as one of the toughest exams we have in India. However, nothing is impossible, and you can easily crack IIT even on the first try.

Some so many people can easily understand IIT and NEET. The only difference between you and them is they prefer and choose the best books.

You have to make a specific time to crack any examination. How to crack NEET is the second most search term for the students. Most of the students fail to crack to pass competitive examinations because you don’t know how to plan.

Here we will give the best tips to crack any competitive exams like IIT and NEET. You don’t have to do anything extra you have to make your time comfortable. Before going through the article make sure that you have enough time to read this article. Because you have to read this carefully and we hope you will get the best.



Most of the people and lecturers say planning are the first thing to pass an examination. However, what is planning?

How planning can crack IIT examination?

Here you get the answers, and planning means making the things more accessible. If you have bulk subject and bulk topics to read that you have to choose in the correct form.

Without proper order, you will get confused. Planning in a sense you have to create a timetable when and where to start. Spending 16 hours a day may not give result and spending 6 hours a day may result.

It’s not about how long you prepare it’s about how good you make. To crack any competitive examinations, you have to understand the subject first. Here the subject means not your actual subject.

It means the way of questioning and answers. Make a timetable and give at least 7 hours a day as regular work. Don’t feel that this work is going to pressure you. If you have the excellent planning when you have the proper result.

Choose the best Book :-

You don’t have to verify almost all books for a single subject. So many writers we have in this era, every writer has their quality and style of writing. If you find a book is right for your preparation then only go with that book.

If you have any external doubts, then ask your teachers or refer online. YouTube videos we teach almost all subjects, and also you can get the tips to crack any competitive examinations. Show the next to thing in your success is choosing the right book.

Revise everyday

Most of the students will go with the preparations. Also, in the end, they choose to revise. This is not at all the excellent decision if you want to clear the competitive examinations at a time.

Because if you keep revising every day, then you don’t have to revise everything at the end which will save you time. Time management is very important when preparing.

Set a goal, and you don’t have to cover all the topics in a single day. Read as much as you can and as much as you can understand. Also, at the end of the day go with the revision.

Think in all the ways

Choose a topic and find the best ways you can crack it. You may get a thousand answers for a single topic, but if you understand the topic, then you can write a thousand answers for the single question. You have to think from all the sides and all the possible ways.

Think in all the ways concept is just about finding all the answers.

The right time to study

Never go with the late night revisions, because if you feel sleepy then sleep. If you read while you feel sleepy, you may confuse. Wake up at early morning and take 15 to 20 minutes for meditation and then go with preparation.

Don’t wake up too early because you need more time to settle. Even if you study for 2 hours, you have to make sure that you didn’t rest even a single minute. Keep your gadgets away and take the proper diet.


I’m not talking about the body exercise. I am talking about the mental exercise. Prepare your mind before going to any competitive examination. You have to prepare your mind even before preparing for IIT.

The healthy brain exercise involves meditation and positive thinking. The question paper is decided by humans, so why can’t you crack it. Before doing hard work, you have to prepare for that. You are physically and mentally pushing yourself in this big challenge.

This challenges to prove yourself to the world, so you have to be positive. You can answer any question.


Search online search online for the sample papers of previous years. Immediate bunch of sample papers and you have to answer all the sample question papers. This will increase your property is why you are going to write the examination.

Don’t take much time to complete the sample papers. First, understand the sample papers and understand the question carefully. Once you are ready to take the test, then make time and complete the sample question paper as the ordinary question paper.

Ask your brother or sister or friend to give you the test. This will help you to boost your confidence while you are in the examination hall. Practicing the
sample papers is always the best idea for finding the solution to how to crack NEET or IIT.

This is how you can easily crack any competitive examination. You have to make sure that you have the proper plan, a bunch of right books, time management plan, and confident presence.

Being positive is the top and the best thing for any competition. Always try your best and leave the rest to give you the best result. Don’t take too much pressure and don’t neglect.

You are going to crack this examination, and we wish you all the best.

How To Crack Any Competitive Exams ( Infographics )

How to Crack Any Competitive Exams ( Infographics )
How to Crack Any Competitive Exams ( Infographics )