Why Mark Zuckerberg uses PHP for Facebook?

Php for facebook by m-advise

Facebook has developed with the programming language PHP. The Facebook programming language is the most exciting topic every programmer wants to learn.

Mark Zuckerberg created facebook which is now one of the largest of social networking sites in the world. It is a front to the front platform for users. However, on the back-end, Facebook has more versions than PHP.

Facebook is still running on PHP, but it is complicated so it can be turned into native code. Facebook has many things built in PHP, and also it uses “C + +” and D languages so far. For the PHP developers, Facebook is not using the real PHP instead it is using the Hip-Hop virtual machine (HHVM).

The HHVM helps to convert PHP into C++, but it still shows PHP. What you see on the Facebook is developed with the high conversion of C + + language from PHP. Mark Zuckerberg programming involve basic version and letter Facebook created HHVM.

This version highly optimizes the C + + language any user can see Facebook is still using PHP. Competition should be healthier in any kind of industry, to face the complications from PHP developers and you to give the real ability to Engineers, Facebook created to new versions of PHP.

More ever, still PHP is the best platform for internal coding without risk. To maintain the billion software’s used and millions of photos and videos Facebook developers depends on PHP.

Even PHP is not much faster engineers can’t through PHP away. PHP act like a bridge for the front end of HTML and the backend of C++. Facebook believe that without going to new language, developing the PHP will keep the competition at the level in social media platforms.

Facebook is now the second largest active users’ platform, yet it is using PHP. Converting the libraries of Facebook internal code into the new language is a waste of time.

Facebook hack language:-

facebook hack image m-advise.in

Facebook recently released a new language which is Facebook hack language (The Improved version of PHP) which runs only on hip-hop virtual machine (HHVM).

PHP developers have been asking for static typing and top features from Facebook. However, the new Facebook hack language provides the requirements.
Facebook is created with the PHP language as we know, but Facebook is still using the PHP without ditching it. Instead of ditching the PHP and mention its Facebook develop their own PHP version which is known as Hip Hop virtual machine.

Moreover, one more thing, rewriting all the code in the new or other language is one of the worst things any PHP developer or cold developer do. Facebook message issues if Facebook entirely depends on PHP, that’s why Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is heavily depending on C++ Optimization version.

The Facebook initial internal code is entirely written in PHP, but unfortunately, PHP can’t support the Facebook margin level. So if the Facebook depends on the new programming language then re-writing is complicated and entirely depending on PHP cannot suit Facebook level.

That’s the reason why Facebook is developed the whole PHP version. Facebook wants to improve the error detection problems on time. However, the problem with PHP you can’t find errors until we run the test. That’s the reason why Facebook does not fully depend on HHVM and Facebook hack language.

Why Facebook still uses PHP?

why php in fb and fb hack m-advise.in

The answer is simple but curious. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook code is internally developed within the PHP, and the Facebook uses the PHP as internal development.

Facebook programming language requires more than PHP where the address can you fetch without testing the code. Facebook has developed the new version of PHP, but it didn’t go away from PHP.

There are two main important things why Facebook can’t leave PHP. Primarly, it is very risky and highly impossible to rewrite all the internal code in the new language.

Also, secondly Facebook developer the latest version of PHP without ditching it, so it has to depend on PHP. That’s the reason why Mark Zuckerberg still use PHP for Facebook. PHP creates the dynamic websites, and as per the latest statistics, over 20 Million active sites are built with PHP.

PHP is best known for the memory optimization, and it won’t overlap the requests. Instead, it helps in improving the server processing speed significantly.
The majority of the people looking for the development of PHP because of it’s custom net improvement. The language can be acquired from several open source development structures along with WordPress, OS trade, Joomla, and others network builders.

HHVM (Hip Hop virtual machine)

HHVM hack machine m-advise.in

The Hip Hop virtual machine is designed to execute the program written in hack and PHP. HHVM is developed by Facebook to reduce the server resources to deliver the fastest web user experience.
HHVM has the JIT (Just In Time) compiler. Also, HHVM converts PHP code into the Machine Code. HHVM supports the latest version of PHP and even PHP7, and it gives the massive boost to
performance. It also has the internally developed language HACK which allows static and dynamic typing to improve the complication speed.
It only needs less space to run, and any developer can install and work with the HHVM.

Cons of HHVM

Even the Hip Hop virtual machine acts a lite version to run and work we have some cons using HHVM. We can’t add custom extensions without converting them. 
So, before you want to add any custom extension, you have to convert them first. HHVM is created using the high-end machines, so it is impossible to tun on the 32-bit operating systems.

Even Hip Hop virtual machine language requires less space as we said, the Minimum RAM it needs to be run is 2 GB. The PHP7 requires a bit less memory than the HHVM.

PHP is the still on-going favorite language to write code for web developers. HHVM is a speedy engine of php, but it won’t target PHP7. PHP7 is the next releases of PHP5 (As PHP 6 is not released).

That’s how Facebook is built using PHP and here is the reason why Facebook still use PHP. The programming language used for Facebook is PHP but later is developed as HHVM and Hack.